Well the cold weather has finally set in and its time to think about winterization and storage for your beloved motorcycles (for the more hardcore riders more power to you).


As of Nov 1 we dropped our labor rate to $80.00 for the winter months so if there are some projects you need done, or just trying to save a buck on routine maintenance now is the time. Also like we have done  in years past, we have Motorcycle Storage for those that do not have the space or time to maintain their bikes through the winter.


For $65.00 per month you get a spot in our indoor garage where once a week we start all the cycles up to ensure proper running condition and by chance there is a nice stretch of days through the winter just give us a heads up and we will make sure the bike is ready for a winter ride.


All we ask is to let us know when your planning on returning to make sure someone is here to return the bike to its spot. Also even if your planning on keeping your bike at home, bring it in we can winterize it so come spring time your ready to enjoy the weather when it arrives. Please give us a call for those rates.